Codonaut- Interactive Web-Documentary


Interactive Web-Documentary
Duration: 01-90 minutes
(the interacitve narration is edited into many parts (SNUs - smallest narrative units), so it can be watched  from 01 - 90 minutes long)

Artificial Intelligence is an issue that will shape our future. We have set out to talk to people who are in direct contact with AI. They each represent their own view of the topic - from the philosophical approach of Richard David Precht to the managing director of a robot company who wants to close the pension gap with artificial intelligence, to the Chief Compliance Officer of Deutsche Telekom, which was one of the first companies ever to provide ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence.

The result is the concept of the Neural Network Narrative - a form of representation that divides a theme into many small individual parts (neurons) and in turn connects these together context-dependently like a neural network.

We have developed a digital form of presentation for journalistic and documentary content that enables users to access and understand complex content in their own way and thus make it the basis of their own thinking.