Blue Boy

Latücht | 19.10. | 10:00

WETTBEWERB 10 - Inventar I COMPETITION 10 - Inventory

Blue Boy

Germany, 2019, 18’37‘‘, English, German, Italian, Romanian | English subtitles

The Blue Boy bar in Berlin-Schöneberg is what is usually referred to as a "Pick-up joint": young men, often of Eastern European origin, prostitute themselves for wealthy and oftentimes older clients. In front of the camera seven of these young men take a seat on a bar stool at the counter, one after the other. They listen to their previously recorded stories and are confronted with their own thoughts. An intimate, unvarnished reflection on sexuality, power and the everyday life of male sex workers.

Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematography: Manuel Abramovich
Editor: Cătălin Cristuțiu 
Music, Sound: Francisco Pedemonte
Creative producer: Bogdan Georgescu