Prisoner of Society

Latücht | 19.10. | 10:00

WETTBEWERB 10- Inventar | COMPETITION 10- Inventory

Prisoner of Society

Georgia, 2018, 15’, Georgian | English subtitles

What does it mean to be a stranger in your own home and country? What if your family keeps you locked up at home and away from the outside world because they find it too shameful and dangerous that their son wants to be a daughter, as life only feels "right" in a woman's body? Prisoner of Society depicts an intimate journey into the world and spirit of a young transgender woman who has been kept away from the outside world by her parents for an entire decade.

Director: Rati Tsiteladze
Producers: Nino Varsimashvili, Rati Tsiteladze

Contact: nino(at)