Latücht | 17.10. | 10:00

WETTBEWERB 3 - Eye of the Tiger | COMPETITION 3 - Eye of the Tiger

Tiger | Tigre

France, 2018, 21’00, French | English subtitles

The two friends Sabine and Natacha lead a dull life in the French province and try to escape their bleak everyday lives through meaningless sex  with exchangeable partners.
While Sabine loses herself more and more in an obsessive dream world, Natacha tries to break out of her confining environment and friendship with Sabine. On a trip together, they make the unexpected acquaintance of a tiger.

Director: Delphine Deloget
Writer: Delphine Deloget, Anne-Claire Jaulin, Stéphane Correa
Cinematography: Augustin Barbaroux
Editor: Nathan Delannoy, Delphine Deloget

Contact: info(at)unitedeproduction.com