2 x 4 Animations from Poland and Germany

As part of a collaboration going back almost 20 years with the film festival Młodzi i Film in Koszalin in neighbouring Poland, we will this year be focussing for the first time on the genre of animated film. A total of eight films – four of them from the festival in Koszalin, four from the submissions to dokumentART – showcase the diversity, possibilities and variety of animation. As a starting point for an exchange programme with our Polish partner festival, we present an inspiring programme in which filmmakers can explore the visual, technical and communicative possibilities of the genre in an exciting and entertaining way.

For the past 38 years, the film festival Młodzi i Film has been organised by the Centrum Kultury 105 in Koszalin, Neubrandenburg’s twin city. The festival is co-organised by the Polish Filmmakers Association, the country’s most important film organisation, and showcases debut films by young Polish filmmakers. Both Młodzi i Film and dokumentART are committed to funding young film artists and have previously shown films through mutual exchanges on several occasions. Both events also offer a great opportunity to discover new talent, serving as springboards for young filmmakers to launch their career.