Student Jury

Fabian Linden

Fabian Linden comes from the Bergisches Land in North Rhine-Westphalia and moved to Neubrandenburg to study nature conservation and landscape planning.

Sophie Loebjinski

Sophie Loebjinski was born and raised in Prignitz, in the federal state of Brandenburg. She is currently studying communication and economics in Greifswald. Since December 2018, she has held the post of deputy editor-in-chief at, a student-run TV channel at the university. She has been interested in film and theatre from an early age and has stage experience in dramas, musicals and operas.

Jakob-Samuel Löscher

Jakob-Samuel Löscher is 22 years old and was born in Stralsund. He moved to Neubrandenburg to study social work, where he runs the university’s cinema.

Olivia Schuster

Olivia Schuster grew up in a suburb of Cottbus. She is currently studying Scandinavian studies and art history in Greifswald. She has been interested in letters and moving pictures ever since she was a child. After finishing school, she worked in a cinema for a year. Since April 2018, she has been an editor-in-chief of, the student-run TV channel at the Greifswald University.

Anne-Marie Stark

Anne-Marie Stark has lived in different parts of Germany and Japan and is currently studying social work in Neubrandenburg. She especially likes films for their ability to open her up to new perspectives and allow her to discover new things.