CAMERA Fairuz Ghammam, Maaike Beuten
SUPPORTED BY Night Shift Oostende
SOUND Esteban Lloret Linares, Rob Lauwers

Fairuz Ghammam | Belgium | 2022 | 15’

From the private to the public space (and back again) in a continuous movement. How many memories, storylines and sounds can coexist? 'Cultuur' is a walk from one to the other and encompasses everything in between

In the documentary film "Cultuur," the audience is invited to explore a particular existence within society beyond the confines of migrant background labels. As the camera gazes upon familiar streets, it unveils new perspectives, showing that even the most well-known places can be transformed through the act of careful observation. Through glimpses of a fig tree in a backyard and a peek into a family house adorned with an old gramophone, a rich tapestry of stories emerges. Cultuur is knitted with minimalistic yet precise tools, transforming into an intimate journey through an ordinary street in a typical Belgian city that offers viewers access to an entire universe of meanings. Ultimately, it illuminates the intricate threads that weave together the fabric of culture and identity.


FAIRUZ GHAMMAM graduated as an experimental filmmaker. She works as an editor, cinematographer, and director in cinema beyond genres and formats. In her practice, Fairuz mainly explores (auto)biography, dialogue, predetermination, abundance & scarcity, shared authorship, and collaborative practices.