Focus Eastern Europe 1

Saturday 28. October 14 - 16

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


In the PROGRAMS FOCUS EASTERN EUROPE ' Erinnerungsmaterial / Materials of memory' we experience more or less nostalgic moments: Zsuzsa Debre shows in 'It has passed and it's fine', using the example of the once industrially flourishing town of Ózd, that the most interesting conversations still take place in the hairdressing salon and weaves this together with impressive archive images.

'The box' by Tomaz Pavkovic also goes into the archives, this time private Super 8 family footage - supplemented by a personal voiceover - commenting on the disintegration of Yugoslavia from a Slovenian perspective. The film 'To the Earthen Red' by Nika Pecarina' shows the concrete abstract and an experimental way of filmmaking as well as the titular earthiness. The Polish contribution 'Atrophia' by Konrad Kultys addresses the disappearance or destruction of living space in poetically impressive images and transitions into dystopian natural events.