Competition 9

FRIDAY 27. October - 20-22

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


PROGRAM 9 shows under the title 'Incredible' films whose stories deal with questions of faith and different designs of reality. The protagonists of DILDOTECTONICA show that there can be unconventional ways of life and love even in a convent. HOW TO SPLIT THE SEA INTO TWO takes the story of Moses as an opportunity to ponder faith in and doubts about technical promises of salvation, while VOM DUFT DER ROTEN BEET AND DER MENSCHEN, DIE EWIG LEBEN (The Scent of Red Beets and People Who Live Forever) uses animated images to philosophize about whether eternal life will be desirable in the future.

I GOTTA LOOK GOOD FOR THE APOCALYPSE goes back to the lockdown in 2020 and playfully spins around the question of what the real world actually is. 2GETHER shows up close how a love story that was supposed to be staged in the reality TV format 'Ex on the Beach' continues to be filmed in private. Finally, in BLUSH - AN EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE, we experience in the most beautiful stop-motion animation how the Finnish-Kosovar Fatu confides in his best friend that for him a simple visit to the supermarket can be as exciting as a trip to the moon.