Competition 10

SATURDAY 28. October - 11-13

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


PROGRAM 10 - Where to? City or country' is one of the questions in BOJA - a film which, however, significantly portrays a woman who has long since answered this question for herself. LAMARCK may not be an intuitive title for this family story. But if one dares to give the various narrative threads and perspectives the space that the film opens, one may find connections that do not lie on the surface. SHARING also poses uncomfortable questions about family structures and thus focuses on the question of one's own identity. SUBTOTALS, on the other hand, approaches one's own personality quite unemotionally through a list/counting of experiences. In DESIRE LINES we follow the filmmaker's commentary on the lives/paths that people open up for themselves generally and spontaneously, alone and together.