Youth Program 1

THURSDAY 26. October - 10-12

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


YOUTH PROGRAMME 1: In NEIGHBOR ABDHI, director Douwe Dijkstra tells the story of his neighbour's war and escape. While director Douwe Dijkstra tells the war and escape story of his neighbour, who became a criminal out of necessity, he tinkers with the neighbour in front of the green screen, which is indispensable for the setting and presentation of what is being told. In HARDLY WORKING, as the title suggests, things are not quite so busy, because the heroes of this story are so-called 'non-playable characters', i.e. extras from the computer game Red Dead Redemption.

The film BLACK WHOLE LEGION touches on serious topics such as illness, age and the relationship and understanding between generations, also with regard to climate change, in a cybergoth aesthetic set against a Greenlandic ice landscape. In SHARING, the protagonist:in encounters less hostile landscapes than prejudices within her own family. Seen from the outside, her coming out is perceived as all the more courageous. VOM DUFT DER ROTEN BEET UND DEN MENSCHEN, DIE EWIG LEBEN (The Scent of Red Beets and People Who Live Forever) deals with future life worlds in a virtuoso animation, and in doing so makes real interviews on life, death and immortality appear in a humorous way.