Youth Program 2

FRIDAY 27. October - 10-12

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


YOUTH PROGRAMME 2: BIG FAT PARTY is not a documentary film. However, staged dialogues and excerpts from the lives of a young party generation seem closer to reality than many a classic documentary form. BLUSH - AN EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE is dedicated to the theme of cultural and gender otherness and chooses the popular space metaphor for this purpose, humorously reaching into the bag of tricks in a stop-motion animation.

THE WAITING, in turn, is an impressively detailed work on extinct frog species. The extinct species were discovered by chance by Karen Lips and staged together with artist and filmmaker Volker Schlecht. ARALKUM is also about climate change. In Western style, the film briefly revives one of the world's former largest inland lakes, the dried-up Aral Sea.