Competition 1

Wednesday 25. October 14 - 16

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


The five films of PROGRAM 1 - Off into the Void show (almost) deserted spaces and question the effects or meaningfulness of human actions: While HARDLY WORKING humorously comments on the senseless gestures of the non-playable characters from the computer game Red Dead Redemption, in ARALKUM we see a devastated landscape that has been robbed of all life by exploitative economics.

In BLACK WHOLE LEGION, on the other hand, people have come to terms with the environment in the - perhaps not so - eternal ice rather than befriending it. OSMOSIS shows an aesthetically very pleasing transformation and yet at the same time destruction of the forest, which is due to another element. In CHERNOBYL 22 we become witnesses of the effects of a nuclear disaster that has created an exceptional area where the filmmaker documents the consequences of the Russian invasion in 2022.