10 Jahre mit Mut, Mörtel und ohne Millionen

DIRECTOR/AUTHOR Steffen Schneider
CAMERA Axel Schneppat
SOUND Albrecht Ihlenburg
EDITING Roland  Possehl
EDITORIAL Birgit Müller

Steffen Schneider | Germany | 2023 | 88’30’’

The film tells the story of the manor house rescuers and their life projects in dynamic retrospectives from ten years of "With courage, mortar and without millions".

The most beautiful scenes from the films produced so far are reclassified and supplemented and emotionalized by current interviews of the main protagonists. They comment on the events from today's perspective, talk about failures, reveal one or the other secret and rejoice over successes. In the process, previously untold background stories are also brought up.


STEFFEN SCHNEIDERS was born in Crivitz in 1967. He is married and father of 4 children. Steffen Schneider wrote articles for local newspapers in Rostock from 1987, for the Hamburger Morgenpost from 1990 and a little later for STERN his first reportages. At the beginning of the nineties, he switched to television and has since worked for NDR, MDR, arte, Discovery Channel, ARD and ZDF. Today, the focus of his work is on the mareTV and Nordstory series of the NDR. Steffen Schneider also works as an author for radio and as a commentator or dubbing artist. Wanderlust, a thirst for adventure and the joy of storytelling are what drive him. 

Television awards:

Ernst Schneider Prize of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for "Kopfgeld" (NDR) 1995
Axel Springer Prize for "Fit for Jesus - How Pastors Learn to Preach" (WDR) 1999
Media awards of the DGB for:

"Spiel mir das Lied von Wendorf" (NDR) 1997
"The Garbage Detectives" (ZDF) 1999
"Death after the disco" (ZDF) 2001