Focus Eastern Europe 2

Saturday 28. October 17- 19

Latücht, Große Krauthöferstraße 16


The SECOND PROGRAMME FOCUS EASTERN EUROPE 'Verloren in Raum und Zeit / Lost in Time and Space' begins with the Ukrainian contribution 'When will the Winter of 2022 end' by Hanna Trofimova. Unagitated and filmed predominantly from the comfort of her own home, the filmmaker reflects and comments on the new everyday life in lockdown and wartime states. 'Easier Than You Think' by Anna Kryvenko ironically suggests that the sensationalist images of war and catastrophe, mostly provided by the media, hardly affect us viewers.

'For Lilith' goes back into personal video archives to look at gender and identity and exemplifies the challenges of a young Georgian generation. Ukrainian Kateryna Ruzhyna's fast-paced generational and self-portrait 'Avitaminosis' shows a group of young people who perhaps also use filming as a kind of (occupational) therapy for uprooted lives.