SPECIAL 1 Ist das Kunst oder kann das ins Kino? Kino als Austellungsraum



ETHEREALITY Kantarama Gahigiri  | 14min
DIVA Nicolas Cilins 
 | 29min
TERRA MATER Kantarama Gahigiri 
 | 10min
RESISTANCE Laurence Favre 
 | 11min


 Once again this year, the competition and the jury of the festival will bring together documentary film art whose creators did not necessarily go through the classic career of a film school film school In this year‘s special we invite filmmakers to talk to us filmmakers who work in different ways with other art forms, be it with analog projection, in with analog projection, in close collaboration with musicians or designers or through portraits of people who find socially and artistically creative ways of living find creative paths in life.

What role does the presentation space play in the production of the filmic work? How do you work with time and linearity? Are there topics that are more suited to the cinema or the exhibition space? or the exhibition space? Or is it ultimately the viewers and the conversation with them that the context for what is generally understood as a successful presentation?