Wo seid ihr? Die Blachs. Das Schicksal einer jüdischen Familie

CAMERA Mike-Thomas Römisch / Hans Tanz / Maximilian Pilz
SOUND Maximilian Pilz
EDITING Gaby Biesterfeld / Vivian Krex
EDITORIAL Birgit Müller

CONTACT bir.mueller(at)ndr.de

Anne Gänsicke | Germany | 2023 | 44’

Those who live in old buildings sometimes imagine: And before? Who once lived here?

In the case of Friederike Fechner, this very question becomes a strong challenge and ultimately a life theme. Ever since she and her husband received an award for the particularly successful renovation of the listed Baroque gabled house in Stralsund's old town, she has been on the trail of the stories of the people who lived at 89 Heilgeiststrasse. And that is hard to bear: Until the late 1930s, a Jewish family lived here: the Blachs. Many of the far-flung relatives were killed in the Holocaust. But who survived? Are there any descendants? For Friederike, a worldwide search begins that she still can't let go of today. She returns attention to the fate of the Blach family, which had been hushed up and suppressed for almost 90 years.

ANNE GÄNSICKE was born in Rostock in 1966. She is married to the journalist Michael Elgaß and has three grown-up children. She graduated from high school in Rostock, had her first child at the time of reunification, and began working as a freelance writer for Norddeutscher Rundfunk, which was just being established in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Initially in the current affairs area for the Nordmagazin, later for the Nordtour and finally also for longer television formats. She was decisively involved in the development of the NDR Youtube channel "Auf'm Land" and, together with her colleague, started a new channel.